Saturday, March 7, 2009

Skudai, February 4th: Eversince its establishment as a Technical School in 1904, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia has undergone rapid development in many aspects.

UTM has also continuously taken various initiatives to improve its visibility and image to obtain recognition locally and internationally through its value system, academic culture, intellectual ecosystem, work culture and academic ideals.

In his speech at the launching of the new UTM corporate image ceremony on 3rd of February 2008 at Dewan Sultan Iskandar, the Vice Chancellor, Dato’ Prof. Ir. Dr. Zaini Ujang said that it is important for the UTM community to work together as a team in creating a new image and build good reputation to make UTM become prominent and renowned as a higher learning institution.

“We can achieve a better image for the university through intangible means related to our value system and intrinsic principles in which we operate and function, and also through tangible elements or image creation in relation to physical improvements such as the placement of our logo, typeface, tagline and other cosmetic enhancement to all print materials and communication medium” he said.

However, Zaini highlighted that whatever image is created, it is actually the culmination of the strength of our value system, academic culture, intellectual environment, academic idealism, work process and good team work that should reflect our the culture of the university community.

With the announcement of the new placement of logo and typeface as part of the new corporate image of UTM, Zaini said that it is compulsory for all faculties, departments and divisions to use this new image which is reflective of certain qualities such as steadfastness, strength (intellectual, mental, emotional, spiritual, ethical and physical) and scholarship in relation to being learned and knowledgeable in specialized fields.

“Starting from today onwards, we will use this new image with the university initial and name clearly depicted to the right side of the university’s logo all our official transactions. We are taking this step to make it easier for the public to identify us and make UTM more prominent since there are more than one hundred institutions of higher learning in our country now,” he added.

“As a service-based organization, the staff symbolizes UTM and every inch of their movement will be monitored by their peers and outsiders and due to this, it is compulsory for every citizen of this university to be aware of the aspiration of the university and the transformation plan towards improvement that have been made especially in the context of challenges in higher learning nowadays,” he said in his closing speech.

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