Sunday, March 8, 2009

USD50-an-Hour Earning Power

The following career paths will give you $50-an-hour earning power.

1. Pharmacist

Earnings (2007): $48.31/hour $100,480 salary

2. Actuary (Management & Technical Consulting)

Earnings (2007): $51.48/hour $107,080 salary

3. Marketing Manager

Earnings (2007): $54.52/hour $113,400 salary

High School Principal

Earnings (2006): $44.70/hour $92,965 salary

Petroleum Engineer

Earnings (2007): $54.75/hour $113,890

Engineers command the highest starting salary among bachelor's degree holders--and petroleum specialists rank at the upper end of the engineering salary spectrum. Demand for qualified petroleum engineers is expected to soar in coming years, as energy issues dominate the national agenda. Petroleum engineers create and optimize methods of extracting and processing oil and gas.

A four-year bachelor's degree in engineering is all that stands between you and a petroleum engineering career. Look for a program with a specialized energy or petroleum engineering curriculum. Hands-on design and development training offers the best preparation for a $50+/hour career in R&D.

Many industries offer the promise of $50 and up at the top of the career ladder. Online programs are making it easier than ever to join the elite ranks of your profession. Earn while you learn, and you'll be on track to make every minute on the job count.


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