Sunday, June 13, 2010

Demam Bola Hyundai

Both of the i10s are covered in artificial turf while the centre circle on the roof is home to a giant 1.5 meter-Hyundai Logo huge football. Other exterior features include the goal posts on the bonner, the football wheels and the football shoe mirrors.Both interior of the 2 Hyundai World Cup Cars are different.Each car has a unique interior, with one featuring a ‘grass’ look to match the exterior, and the other a football theme, right down to the soccer-ball headrests.

The side mirror is design with a pair of football boots. Even the wipers are fitted with Football goal keeper’s gloves.These World Cup i10 cars are built by Hyundai UK. According to Hyundai, its football-themed i10s will be driving up and down the UK during the course of the World Cup.

One interesting fact, that these 2 cars are the same cars that Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear that he damaged previously.Instead of repairing the creased panels, Hyundai decided to give both cars a second shot at fame.

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